Transplant Diagnosis: Chronic Rejection. Time to Laugh!

Just shy of my husband’s 10th transplant anniversary and he was given the news… “You’re in chronic rejection”, says the transplant doctor. In his specific case, the air fills his “hand-me-down” lungs but, when he exhales, the air gets caught in microscopic air sacs. There’s no terminology or label for this specific lung malfunction so […]

Keep Your Joy

2nd Chance at Life: The Life Quest

Before an organ transplant, when you’re body is frail and you don’t know if you are going to live or die, your main goal is to stay alive long enough to get that transplant. Every moment it is about surviving long enough to witness the miracle of organ donation in your life and to come […]

Smile Enjoy Life

To Love Beyond Illness

I know. I had pledged to take a sabbatical from this blog. I thought there was nothing left to say. I felt as though I had no more to share with others about organ donation and transplant awareness. That was, until a few moments ago, when a friend shared a photo on Facebook of someone […]