Blasted Flu!

Two weeks with the flu is hell! Given that I am now finally getting over it, you would think I could look back and laugh. However, there is no laughter here because every time a cold enters out house, there is a great risk of Greg getting sick. Transplant drugs have his immune system so low that he is susceptible to tons of bugs out there. That is why I tried to limit my time around him during these two weeks. Of course, it is difficult when the transplant recipient is the one taking care of you when you are sick but we just followed some basic rules:

  1. No kissing or snuggling
  2. No sharing of cups, utensils, etc.
  3. Cough in your sleeve, elbow, or shoulder, not in your hand
  4. Dispose of dirty tissues immediately – do not leave them on tables and do not let the person clean them up
  5. Wash hands frequently and use Purell
  6. Limit your time around the other person
  7. Spray everything down with Lysol daily including phones, keyboards, etc.

These are just some of the simple rules we follow in our house. Out of everything, make sure you take care of yourself as well. I was blessed with a great husband and even though he is the one that had the transplant, he easily steps up to the plate when I am sick. It is always hard to let them take care of you but they feel good being able to help you out as well… it is called love.

After her husband received a double-lung (bilateral) transplant in 2004, Shannon founded the Angel Cove Organ Donation Awareness Shop, which provides awareness t-shirts and gifts products for transplant recipients, living organ donors and donor families - giving 100% of the profits to help heart and lung transplant recipients with medical costs. Shannon lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her wonderful husband and two chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

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