Another Life Moment: Catching a Cold After Lung Transplant

I’m going to admit something to you… I’m scared right now.

Bold Faith

Each day is a blessing and you have to learn to take the good with the bad.

I’ve almost been a widow 3 times. It starts off simple enough. A cold here. An ache there. Nothing big, just a small thing that has healthy people bounding back in a week.

But not for us.

Hubs is sick again… and you know it’s bad when he’s staying home from work. (We think it’s a head cold but the mucus is getting to his lungs.) Normal people stay home from work but I’ve seen my husband go to work with IV lines up his sleeves and towing oxygen tanks into his car.

My husband does not give up. He does not give in. He does not surrender.

And he isn’t now…

It’s just that, with every new cold or pain, there’s a greater chance each time that it’s not going to end well. There’s a greater chance that my time with my best friend will not last another 50 years.

And it scares the hell out of me.

Yes, we’ve been prepared for that moment many times over now…. but who is ever truly ready?

God has granted us so many miracles in the 20 years I’ve been with his beautiful man. So… I’m asking again for another miracle.

Hubs’ lung function went from 90% after his double-lung transplant to 30% after his a round of chemotherapy. If he had that 90%, I’d be alright… but I’ve seen what can happen at 30%. I’ve seen him go from healthy one day to life support for 9 months the next day.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that…

I will continue to Have Faith (HAVF8TH)… believing in miracles and the power of prayer.

Please pray for my husband. Pray this cold leaves him as fast as it came… and pray for 100% healing of his miracle lungs.

Thank you and God Bless you all. I know you’re going through your own struggles in life and I’m truly blessed to have you all in my life.

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After her husband received a double-lung (bilateral) transplant in 2004, Shannon founded the Angel Cove Organ Donation Awareness Shop, which provides awareness t-shirts and gifts products for transplant recipients, living organ donors and donor families - giving 100% of the profits to help heart and lung transplant recipients with medical costs. Shannon lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her wonderful husband and two chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

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