The Heart of Angel Cove

Upon my couch I had started to think about where this blog is going and where it has been. At once, the Angel Cove Transplant Blog served as a means to communicate with friends and family about my husband’s health prior to and after his miracle double-lung transplant. As we come upon the 7th year […]

Top 11 Blog Posts on in 2010

Yes, 2010 has been a great and yet interesting year for my family and me: loads of health, happiness and memories. To highlight the year, I’ve compiled the top 11 articles on our Angel Cove Organ Transplant Blog for 2010 – as voted by you wonderful readers. I hope you enjoy reading them as much […]

Angel Cove Now Donates 10% to Charity

In the past we’ve been able to give 100% to the Laurie Ferber Heart/Lung Transplant Fund – in order to help those transplant recipients with medical costs not covered by their health care insurance. However, Angel Cove will be changing the amount of charity to 10% of all profits from our online store to the […]

3rd Party Websites Don’t Donate Proceeds!

Together, with your support, we have raised a total of $2,385.93 this year to help organ transplant recipients with their medical costs at the UW-Madison Hospitals in Madison, Wisconsin. Every cent of the proceeds from our website are donated to charity. However, if you don’t purchase your organ donation or transplant awareness directly through the […]

Would you change your charitable donation?

Organ donation and transplant awareness runs through the core of who we are as a family. We believe in the strength one finds when learning the fine balance between life and death. That’s why we are strongly committed to giving 100% of all profits from our organ donation awareness website to charity… but wonder if […]