Writing an Organ Donor Thank You Letter

Last month was be 11 years since my husband’s miracle double lung transplant and it also marks 11 years since a family out there in the country gave my husband a second chance at life while mourning the loss of their own loved one. How can one ever thank the donor and their family for the selfless […]

Woman Writing Letter

Organ Donor Memorial Golf Tournament

We in Connecticut experienced a horrible loss in November of 2009. Matt Buriak, affectionately known as “Matty”, suffered a brain aneurysm on the football field in November of 2009. Four days later Matt was taken off life support and passed away. His family abided by his wishes and donated his organs to others in need. […]

Living Donors Are True Earth Angels

So much emphasis is placed on those organ donors that gave of themselves before leaving this world: the ones whose last selfless act saved the lives of many people. However, we cannot forget those organ donors who gave the gift of life and continue to live their own lives every day as though the act […]

The Story of Molly. The Story of an Organ Donor.

Molly was 26 – beautiful, vivacious, fun loving, intelligent, kind…(I could continue with the adjectives but I think you get my point). On June 30th, she “fell” in a grocery store in the LA area – she literally just fell backwards as if someone had shoved her.  Her head hit the concrete floor – and […]

Upcoming Anniversary

I am wrestling with a thought at this moment. You see, in a little over a week Greg will be celebrating his 3-year post transplant anniversary. With the upcoming anniversary, my mind starts to think back to when he received his transplant and the donor’s family. Although we are celebrating a happy occasion, they are […]

A Card, A Thought

It is amazing the things you will find when you least expect. While shopping for Father’s Day cards, I came across a “off the beat” card that took my attention. The card was an organ donation card meant to be given from the recipient/family to the donor/family. It simply states: “What you did was amazing, […]