CF, Transplant, Cancer and No Immune System

Dear Friends & Family, We just received word today that Greg (my husband) still has absolutely no immune system – even many months after chemotherapy. We’ve been giving him painful daily shots to stimulate his white/red/platelet blood cells with no luck. They will come back – just a bit – and then tank to almost […]

Chemotherapy IV Image

5-Year Post Transplant Anniversary Celebration!

This week we celebrated my husband’s 5th Transplant Anniversary. It is amazing that after 5 years he has not had one bit of rejection from his perfect miracle lungs. We had heard so many stories going into the bilateral organ transplant that we didn’t know what to expect in the end. My wonderful husband had […]

The Miracle of Life and Birthdays

It was 35 years ago this past weekend that the world was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who happened to have Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The parents did not know how sick he was until he came down with pneumonia at 2 months old and sweat tests confirmed that their beautiful baby boy, Greg, was […]

1 Year Reprieve from Transplant Clinic

Every 6 months my wonderful husband, Greg, drives 2 hours each way to his transplant clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. The UW-Madison Transplant Hospital is one of the top in the nation and they have been instrumental in his continued good health that he doesn’t really mind the drive. However, yesterday I received his normal “I’m […]