Yes, I Am Really THE Angel Cove!

It amazes me every time I talk about my husband’s double lung transplant and the reaction from the other person as I mention the Angel Cove Organ Donation Awareness Shop. As soon as the name of my website leaves my lips, the other person’s eyes get big and the next very excited words are often: […]

The Miracle of Gratitude and How it Shapes Lives

Thanksgiving gratitude is often forgotten during the holidays as we rush around to visit family members, make loads of food and shop until our wallets ache. We get so caught up in the mundane habits of the holidays that we forget what truly fills our souls and makes our hearts sing. This season our family […]

5-Year Post Transplant Anniversary Celebration!

This week we celebrated my husband’s 5th Transplant Anniversary. It is amazing that after 5 years he has not had one bit of rejection from his perfect miracle lungs. We had heard so many stories going into the bilateral organ transplant that we didn’t know what to expect in the end. My wonderful husband had […]

Living Donors Are True Earth Angels

So much emphasis is placed on those organ donors that gave of themselves before leaving this world: the ones whose last selfless act saved the lives of many people. However, we cannot forget those organ donors who gave the gift of life and continue to live their own lives every day as though the act […]

Living Life Outside a Television Show

When CBS announced a new show about organ donation and transplantation, called Three Rivers, I jump up. “Finally!” I thought, “A show about something near and dear to my heart that would take organ donor awareness up a notch!” However, my excitement was short-lived. I’m not sure if it is because I am too close […]

Relieve Stress by Counting Your Blessings

Stress may come and stress may go but counting your blessings should never been far from thought. When the stress gets high, it is not time to think about car payments, the mortgage or mounting healthcare bills. This is the time when it is more important than anything else to remind yourself of those blessings […]

Success of Goals Through Your Passion

Truly passionate people succeed in reaching their goals. This goes for any avenue you pursue during your hopefully long and healthy life. Whether it is work, relationships or raising awareness – you have to have the passion before you can get anywhere. So, how to do you maintain that passion for a social cause such […]