Transplant Diagnosis: Chronic Rejection. Time to Laugh!

Just shy of my husband’s 10th transplant anniversary and he was given the news… “You’re in chronic rejection”, says the transplant doctor. In his specific case, the air fills his “hand-me-down” lungs but, when he exhales, the air gets caught in microscopic air sacs. There’s no terminology or label for this specific lung malfunction so […]

Keep Your Joy

Getting Ready for Your Organ Transplant

After your name has been placed on the list, you will need to be seen every two to three months in the Transplant Clinic. At these visits, you will meet with your lung transplant coordinator, therapists (respiratory or other) and a doctor from the transplant team. You may also have a 6-minute walk test, pulmonary […]

Getting Ready for Organ Transplant