Inspiration of the Slow Dance

Once in a blue moon do you read something that makes you take a step back and have an “aha” moment. Often it is not something you did not already know but rather something that you needed to be reminded. The little things in life are so easily forgotten in a world filled with cell […]

The Miracle of Life and Birthdays

It was 35 years ago this past weekend that the world was blessed with a beautiful baby boy who happened to have Cystic Fibrosis (CF). The parents did not know how sick he was until he came down with pneumonia at 2 months old and sweat tests confirmed that their beautiful baby boy, Greg, was […]

Happy 3rd Transplant Anniversary!

Yesterday, November 11, 2007, was my wonderful husband’s 3rd Transplant Anniversary! It is amazing to realize that 3 years ago yesterday, we were wondering if his double lung transplant was ever going to be realized. It is not that we didn’t think it would ever happen but rather, after 3.5 years of waiting and 5 […]

Strength Unknown

It still amazes me how there are some people we have known for years that never even knew Greg was ever sick, let alone had a double lung transplant. A neighbor and I were talking earlier this week and I had mentioned how we are going on an overseas vacation. During this conversation, I made […]