Post Transplant Medical Identification Bracelets

After an organ transplant, the hospital may recommend that you purchase some type of medical identification jewelry. This will insure that if you are found during a medical crisis, and cannot communicate your health history, your hospital can be contacted immedicately for guidance. Suggested Wording for Lung Transplant Patients s/p Lung Transplant Hospital Name Hospital […]

Medical ID Bracelets

Post Lung Transplant Physical Therapy Exercise

Shortly after ungoing a successful single or double lung transplant, patients will begin physical therapy. This routine may begin as early as 12 hours after surgery and while the patient is still on a ventilator. Once the patient no longer needs assistance breathing, the patient is moved to a step-down transplant recovery room and more […]

Chest Physiotherapy Physical Therapy

Glossary of Organ Transplant Terms

The world of organ donation and transplantation has a language all its own. There are many terms and topics that you may not have heard of before. Get to know what it all means by selecting the letters below or just scrolling down. Absorption: the degree and pace at which a drug enters the bloodstream […]

Transplant Terms Glossary

Guest Bloggers Wanted For Organ Donation Awareness Articles

We would like to open up an invitation for guest bloggers to submit their own blog posts to be published here on the Angel Cove Transplant Awareness Blog. The articles you submit must be original posts that have not been published elsewhere. We are only looking for topics that are related to organ donation awareness, […]

Organ Donation: Could You Do It?

If you had a chance to save the life of someone you may or may not know could you make that decision?   According to the National Donor Waiting List the number of recipients on the waiting as of October 14, 2009 is 104,335 patients.  Between January-July 2009 only 16,679 received an organ transplant with only […]

Record Set for Lung Transplant Recipient

THE 67-YEARS old South Sligo woman who is now the world’s longest living single lung transplant patient will be giving thanks this weekend when she celebrates the 20th anniversary of what was the first ever operation of its kind. On May 18th, 1988, with only days to live, Vera Dwyer, Carrowcrory, Keash, had the history-making […]