5-year-old receives double lung transplant

A 5-year-old British girl who is the youngest person to ever receive a double lung transplant is flourishing nine months after the operation. Suffering from cystic fibrosis since she was only three months old, Mariam Imran’s health had been deteriorating until her record-setting surgery at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Daily Mail said Wednesday. […]

Medication Guidelines for Transplant Patients

One of the most important aspects of protecting your transplant is the medications prescribed to you. Store all of your medications at room temperature. Be sure the lid is on tight. Also, keep all medication out of sight and reach of small children and pets. Never share your medications with others. Take the medications prescribed […]

Transplant Medication Guide

After Your Organ Transplant: Home Care, Rejection and Infection

After your transplant, you will be on anti-rejection medications for the rest of your life. The purpose of these medications is to prevent your body from rejecting your new organ(s). Even though these medications prevent rejection of your organ(s), they also increase your risk of infections. It is important that you understand that these medications […]

After Organ Transplant

Getting on the Organ Transplant Waiting List

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is a national organ sharing organization that helps to match organ donors with those who need an organ transplant. The donor’s blood type, weight, and organ sizes are placed into the UNOS computer. Only the patients that “match” the donor are then printed out with those listed the longest […]

Waiting for Organ Transplant

Your Lung Transplant Evaluation

Your local doctor or pulmonologist has referred you to a lung transplant hospital program. You will first speak with a cardiopulmonary transplant coordinator who will answer questions you may have regarding transplantation. After receiving your medical records and checking with your insurance company to be sure you have coverage, your coordinator will present your information […]

Lung Transplant Evaluation

Why You Need a Lung Transplant

People needing a lung transplant have lung problems that are getting worse despite medical treatment. The main reason you are being considered for a transplant is because your lung disease has progressed so that medication or surgery can no longer improve it. Transplantation may offer you the potential of living an independent, normal, and active […]

Lung Transplant X-Ray