Questions to Ask When You Need a Transplant

Being told you need an organ transplant can be one of the scariest movements of your life. There is a lot going through your brain and one of the more important questions is who is going to perform the transplant that saves your life. Often we get asked about my husband’s transplant and people always […]

Transplant Update & the Olypmics

Every 6 months my husband has a post-transplant clinic appointment. He spends the entire day at the UW-Madison hospital where he undergoes a chest x-ray, PFTs, blood tests, a 6-minute walk and a meeting with his transplant coordinator and doctor. Once again he passed all his tests with flying colors. His lung function is holding […]

New Record!

Blow baby, blow! Greg had a transplant clinic visit last week and it is ironic what the doctor’s say and how much patients can prove them wrong. This was one of those weeks because we were told a long time ago that lung transplant recipients will hit their highest lung function numbers at the 6-month […]