Writing an Organ Donor Thank You Letter

Last month was be 11 years since my husband’s miracle double lung transplant and it also marks 11 years since a family out there in the country gave my husband a second chance at life while mourning the loss of their own loved one. How can one ever thank the donor and their family for the selfless […]

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14 Signs of Insulin Overdose

If you’re an organ transplant recipient then there’s a good chance you’re on Prednisone. This steroid helps to combat organ rejection but one of its nasty side effects is known as “steroid induced diabetes” (SID). Therefore, many patients are on insulin to regulate their hormones and keep their blood sugar under control. However, even the […]

Alternatives in Health Care Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

No job and running out of time on Cobra can make any healthy person cringe but when you have a medical condition that is not covered by most healthcare insurance companies, it can get downright scary. What to do when time is running out on your existing health care coverage? Although we are a few […]

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Questions to Ask When You Need a Transplant

Being told you need an organ transplant can be one of the scariest movements of your life. There is a lot going through your brain and one of the more important questions is who is going to perform the transplant that saves your life. Often we get asked about my husband’s transplant and people always […]