New Drug Approved for Cystic Fibrosis

A new inhaled antibiotic, Cayston®, recently received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Cayston was developed in collaboration with Gilead Sciences, Inc., and is the first CF drug to advance — from beginning to end — through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s drug development pipeline.

Why so healthy?

Why not? Yes, there are a number of transplant patients that get sick or even die after their life-saving organ or tissue transplant. What makes Greg different then the masses that have gone through the same miracle? I have asked my husband this a couple of times over the years. From time to time I […]

Vote Best Charity Site!

Angel Cove has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Award “Best Charity Blog”! We would love your help in winning that award for our site so that our site will gain even more attention and further spread the word on Organ & Tissue Donation and Transplantation! So, please click the button below and Vote Today! […]


I wonder if I should continue this blog any longer. In all honesty, my husband’s health has been a blessing and there are very few updates to send out. I had thought about filling the blog with information on transplants but anyone can just Google that information in a heartbeat. So, if you have any […]

Life Renewed

We have traveled to the land of 10,000 lakes (Minnesota) to witness the wonderful marriage of my husband’s college friends to his college sweetheart. They have been together for some years now and a few months ago, Greg received a phone call requesting that he be one of the groomsmen in the wedding. Needless to […]

What sneaks!!

For almost 2 years now, we have enjoyed my husband’s wonderful health. Yes, my friends, we are closing in fast on Greg’s 2 year post-transplant anniversary!! It is amazing what you can learn in those 2 years about healthy, happiness, and what is truly important in life. Even after all this time, we are still […]