CF, Transplant, Cancer and No Immune System

Chemotherapy IV Image

Dear Friends & Family,

We just received word today that Greg (my husband) still has absolutely no immune system – even many months after chemotherapy. We’ve been giving him painful daily shots to stimulate his white/red/platelet blood cells with no luck. They will come back – just a bit – and then tank to almost non-existent. We’ve even tried natural remedies with no success. Greg and I have a theory that it’s his grossly enlarged spleen causing the blood problem… and are bringing this to the medical professionals. At this time, he’s not eating well, lost even more weight, keeps getting fevers, has absolutely no energy, and has developed a nagging cough (in his transplanted lungs).

He had returned to work but is now slowly starting to cut back on his hours. His body just can’t keep up with day-to-day living and he sleeps every chance he can (never sleeping enough).

I truly believe in the power of prayer and healing. I’m not sure what is going on and where this road may lead. All I do know is that we are on a very difficult path – medically, financially, and mentally – and I welcome any help… virtually or otherwise.

Irish blessings,

After her husband received a double-lung (bilateral) transplant in 2004, Shannon founded the Angel Cove Organ Donation Awareness Shop, which provides awareness t-shirts and gifts products for transplant recipients, living organ donors and donor families - giving 100% of the profits to help heart and lung transplant recipients with medical costs. Shannon lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her wonderful husband and two chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

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