Angel Cove is Committed to Giving Back!

Angel Cove is an avid supporter of Organ Donation and Transplant awareness. That’s why we donate 10% of all our store profits to the UW-Madison Hospitals Laurie Ferber Transplant Fund.

Why We Give Back to Charity

Why the Laurie Ferber Transplant Fund?

This fund benefits heart and lung transplant patients at UW Hospital and Clinics by defraying the cost of accommodations, travel and other unexpected expenses.

Why Angel Cove?

Angel Cove has a vested interest in helping others experience the miracle of a second chance of life! Angel Cove was founded when the my own husband, who has CF, received his miracle double lung transplant in 2004, after waiting 3.5 years on the UNOS waiting list and having 5 dry runs. We were blessed to have awesome health card insurance coverage that covered his double lung transplant, hospital, medication, travel and other expenses 100%! Sadly, not many are as blessed and this is our way of paying it forward.

Support the cause!

Whether you know someone who is an organ transplant recipient/donor or not, it is our goal to help other realize the miracle of the gift of life. Every time you make a purchase at the Angel Cove Organ Donation Awareness Shop, you are helping others realize a second chance at life. 10% of all profits from the shop are donated to charity. It’s just our way of blessing others with their own miracle of living a long and healthy life!

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