Transplant Diagnosis: Chronic Rejection. Time to Laugh!

Just shy of my husband’s 10th transplant anniversary and he was given the news… “You’re in chronic rejection”, says the transplant doctor. In his specific case, the air fills his “hand-me-down” lungs but, when he exhales, the air gets caught in microscopic air sacs. There’s no terminology or label for this specific lung malfunction so […]

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CF, Transplant, Cancer and No Immune System

Dear Friends & Family, We just received word today that Greg (my husband) still has absolutely no immune system – even many months after chemotherapy. We’ve been giving him painful daily shots to stimulate his white/red/platelet blood cells with no luck. They will come back – just a bit – and then tank to almost […]

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Swim: A Memoir of Survival (Book Review)

Diving headfirst into the harshness of disease and the triumph of the miracle of life, double heart and kidney transplant survivor Bill Coon takes you along as he swims the choppy waters of his own life in his book Swim: A Memoir of Survival. In 1989, Bill Coon was born with a congenital heart defect. […]