A friend of mine said last night how interesting it is to see me start off the blog on one topic and end on an entirely different topic, while all the while there is always a single thread that links that beginning and end topics. At first I was a little confused but then realized that this is nothing new to me, you see, my family taught me how to do this.

My family, being original Brooklynites, has developed the gift of “tawking” (talking) to people. Innocently enough, a conversation will begin and soon, the person listening can’t remember what the original topic was. Alas, the speaker, my family member, will then link the beginning topic and end topic together in a… how do you say it… with a type of “thesis” statement that ties everything together. Does this mean that we cannot give clear and straight forward answers to questions? No. Actually we can often give a one word answer to a question but choose not to. Why? Not out of being whimsical or anything – just our normal behavior. We are fully equipped giving a direct answer and take into account the person we are speaking with and the situation prior to deciding on whether or not to give that answer. For example, if I had an irate manager asking me for a specific time a project would be done, I would give that manager the specifics that they requested. However, if my manager asked if I thought the project was going well, I would give a more detailed answer should I be unhappy with how the project is going. It is not something we really think about but rather some innate genetic coding that gives us a “gut feeling” that we rely on.

Everyone has that gut feeling – it is just that ours speaks loudly at times. In the blogging world, I do not utilize this “family gift” just because I have it but rather to add insight into my world. Ironically enough, my world was filled with many negative aspects and people that molded me into the person I have become. Some of the insight that I convey helps people to better understand where I am coming from on certain things and sometimes this “clarity” shows a consistency with the reader’s own life. Yes, my views, my past, my thoughts allow others to know they are not alone in this world. Yes, the world is messed up and yes, there are many people that are messed up. But there are many other people that are going through the same thing you are at this very minute – sometimes their lives are worse. It is this “gift” of topic hopping that gives light to people.

So, in ending this post, I told my friend about my ability to topic hop and somehow we got onto a conversation about women verses men. Funny enough – he was the one that was guilty of that topic hop, not me. 🙂

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