Ugh! New Staff!

Frustrating isn’t even a word to describe it how the health care industry can be! Yes, I understand that people come and go from jobs all the time but you should at least be given someone who knows what they are doing.

What am I going on about? Quite frankly, it is my husband’s new transplant coordinator. Sure, things were bad in the beginning with the last one but at least she knew what she was doing and we actually liked her before she left. Not only did we lose her but also the two main double lung transplant surgeons of the hospital. Now we are given a transplant coordinator that keeps messing up my husband’s prescriptions and actually called my husband, in reply to a message my husband had left, and stated “What did I mess up now?” Okay, I believe in admitting when you are wrong but when you actually make such a statement, it means you are messing up with other patients as well.

I will grant the guy some space given that he is new to the realms of the transplant clinic. I will even go as far as to say that he must be knowledgeable to get such a position. However, any problems with medication are not possible when dealing with a double lung transplant patient. There should be a record of his medications in his profile that the new transplant coordinator can just read off and order. So, it begs to question, why does he keep getting the prescriptions wrong??

After her husband received a double-lung (bilateral) transplant in 2004, Shannon founded the Angel Cove Organ Donation Awareness Shop, which provides awareness t-shirts and gifts products for transplant recipients, living organ donors and donor families - giving 100% of the profits to help heart and lung transplant recipients with medical costs. Shannon lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her wonderful husband and two chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

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